Summum Regny&Pidansat Champagne

625,00 kr

Drink because…
Production is limited to maximum 600 bottles per year

65% Pinot noir, 35% Chardonnay
50% is from the perpetual reserve

20 years perpetual reserve
5 years of ageing in the cellar

Summum comes from the Avirey Lingey field in Cotê des Bars, Champagne, where the grapes are hand-picked and reasoned. There are no added herbicides.

Malolactic fermentation in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks with earth filters and no fining, ageing for 5 years in the cellar.

Tasting Note
A silky champagne which provides balance and intricacy. Can be used for multiple occasions or as a celebratory present.

Technical Details
12% alcohol
8 gr/L

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